About Us



To foster and maintain a thriving business climate in which our members and community can grow and prosper.


The vision of the Chamber is to be the preferred advocate and recognized voice of business for Washington County, Maryland.


The Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce is member-focused and member-led.

- Leadership & Advocacy - We are dedicated to the growth and success of our business community and the local economy.  We will advocate for pro-business policies while protecting our vital resources. 

- Innovation - We are future-focused, creative, and responsive to emerging trends and changing member needs.

- Collaboration - We value the diversity of our business and nonprofit community and encourage participation, inclusion, and collaboration.

- Connection - We connect people, community, resources, and commerce. 

- Empowerment - We encourage and support our members' personal and professional growth through shared resources and educational opportunities

Areas of Focus


1. Enhance Membership Expansion and Retention (Innovation, Connection, and Empowerment)

  1. Grow membership to 750 member organizations by August 31, 2017     
  2. Demonstrate value of investment in Chamber to:
    1. Members
    2. Prospective members
    3. Community


2. Support Downtown Development (Leadership and Advocacy, Collaboration, and Connection)

  1. Businesses
  2. Workforce
  3. Quality of Life
  4. Future Plans for Chamber Office Relocation


3. Enhance Relationships/Partnering with Municipalities for Mutually Beneficial Success (Collaboration and Connection)


4. Workforce Development and Readiness (Innovation, Collaboration, Connection, and Empowerment)

  1. Partner with Education Stakeholders
  2. Link Business to Education and Education to Business
  3. Support workplace wellness initiatives and partnering


5. Advocate for Business (Leadership and Advocacy, Collaboration, and Connection)

  1. City
  2. County
  3. State
  4. Federal
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