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2/14/2013 General
Chamber Opposes Legislation to Weaken Non-Compete Agreements

Hagerstown, MD – The Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce opposes Senate Bill 51, currently under consideration by the Maryland General Assembly, which releases those eligible for unemployment benefits from non-compete agreements with prior employers.  The Chamber opposes the legislation for the following reasons:


·       This bill is overreaching and will set a dangerous precedent.  It unnecessarily penalizes employers by nullifying non-competition agreements with former employees for no purpose.  Unemployment status should have no bearing on an employment contract which both the employer and employee enter into legally and voluntarily.


·       It will encourage employers to challenge unemployment appeals by laid-off workers when they otherwise might not. Suppose an employer discharges a sales employee for not meeting sales quota. If the employee files for unemployment, which would almost certainly occur, the employer would not necessarily feel compelled to challenge that determination. However with SB 51, if the employer is faced with an automatic trigger that would invalidate the non-compete, it has every incentive to mount a challenge to an employee's rights to receive unemployment benefits.



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