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2/14/2013 General
Chamber Opposes Legislation to Dictate Sick Leave Policy

Hagerstown, MD – The Hagerstown-Washington County Chamber of Commerce opposes Senate Bill 55, currently under consideration by the Maryland General Assembly, which requires employers to establish specific sick leave policies.  The Chamber opposes the legislation for the following reasons:


  • Requiring employers to unilaterally compensate employees for sick time will mandate additional costs on Maryland businesses which will quantifiably affect competitiveness within interstate commerce.  Sick leave, like all employee benefits, should not be legislated as all employers must have the right and opportunity to set labor costs according to individual business needs.

  • This bill is overreaching and will set a dangerous precedent.  If forced to offer paid sick leave to all employees, Maryland businesses will have to reexamine current compensation levels to offset the law’s fiscal impact.  In doing so, the companies will become less attractive to prospective employees.



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